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Altek Calibrator - RTD


Model 311A Universal RTD Calibrator 
The HOTTEST High Performance RTD Calibrator You Can Handle.

The new Model 311A sets the standard in handling pulsed excitation currents. This unit can read intermittent current pulses from Rosemount 3144 Smart Transmitters, multi-channel recorders, and DCS inputs down to 10 milliseconds. 
  • Universal Compatibility – Operates with devices that use pulsed excitation currents including PLCs, DCSs, and multi-channel recorders. Wide excitation current range (0.09 to 10.2 mA) for compatibility with most field instruments.
  • Simulate RTDs into Smart Transmitters – Works with a wide variety of models including Rosemount 3144 and Honeywell STT series.
  • Simulate and Read RTDs in C and F – Compatible with eight
    different platinum, copper and nickel sensors.
    Pt 100ohms; 1.3850 DIN/IEC 751/JIS 1604-1989.
    Pt 100ohms; 1.3916 Old JIS 1604-1981.
    Pt 100ohms; 1.3902 US Industrial, Burns.
    Pt 100ohms; 1.3926 US Lab.
    Cu 10ohms; 1.4274 Minco.
    Cu 50ohms; 1.4280 China.
    Ni 120ohms; 1.6720.
    Ni 110ohms; 1.5801 Bristol 7 NA.
  • User-Settable Quik-Cheks – Recall three output settings instantly.



Model 211 RTD Calibrator

  • Simulate all your RTD Inputs—
    Transmitters, recorders, controllers, alarms, indicators, process data acquistion and computer systems using two-three-four-wire hook-ups.
  • Built-In RTD Thermometer—
    Connect an RTD and instantly read the temperature. Instantly recall the maximum temperatures at any time to check the process.
  • QUIK-CHEK Switch—
    Instantly recall three output temperatures.
  • Display Directly in C & F—
    Typical accuracy: 0.013% of Span (0.2C/0.3F)



Model 11 Step RTD Simulator
Pocket-Sized Decade Box Replacement!

  • Calibrate All Your RTD Inputs—
    Transmitters, recorders, controllers and alarms using two-three-four-wire hook-ups. Works with all smart transmitters, multichannel recorders & DCS inputs!
  • Better Than a Decade Box— 
    Faster, easier and much less expensive.
  • Simulate Temperatures in C or F—
    Choose from several standard ranges for any platinum 100 Ohms curve.
  • Models to Match Your Sensor
    Platinum 100 Ohm, Copper 10 ohm and Nickel 120 ohm
  • High Accuracy—
    0.1C/0.2F for all Pt curves.



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Model 311A
Universal RTD Calibrator

Model 211
RTD Calibrator

Model 11
Step RTD Simulator