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Altek Calibrator - Milliamp


Model 334 Loop CalibratorModel 334A Loop Calibrator
Great Value! High Performance!

Checks all loop signals—mA, % of Span and DC V. Save time on every mA transmitter, recorder, alarm trip, I/P and computer you calibrate. Flip the QUIK-CHEK switch for instant outputs of 4 and 20 mA accurate to 0.006 mA! 

  • All 4 to 20 mA Loop Functions—
    Source 0.00 to 24.00 mA or -25.0 to 125.0% read mA or percent to 52.00 mA, simulate 2-wire transmitters, measure -99.99 to 99.99 volts DC power & read 2-wire transmitters.
  • Quik-Chek Switch—
    Select 4 or 20 mA output or 2-wire simulation. Accurate to ±0.006 mA.
  • Full Range 10 Microamp Resolution—
    Adjust 4 digit display to ±0.05% without range change.
  • Long Battery Life—
    3x9 volt alkaline batteries source 20 mA for over 20 hours, 12 mA for over 33 hours; 2-wire simulate and read for 150 hours. Much longer than NiCd batteries or calibrators with a single 9 V battery!
  • Drive Capability—
    1200 Ohms with current limited, fuseless protection to 135 V AC/DC.

Optional: AC Adapter



ALTEK Process Loop Calibrator Model 434 Digital Accuracy PLUS Analog Simplicity

Provides an unmatched combination of laboratory accuracy, simplicity and convenience.

  • Calibrate Loops with Laboratory Accuracy—
    (0.015% of Reading + 0.002 mA) Accurate to 0.005 mA from 4 to 20 mA.
  • All 4 to 20 mA Loop Functions—
    0 to 24 mA Source, mA Meter, 2-wire Transmitter Simulator & DC Volt Meter in a single compact unit. Displays in mA & % 4 to 20 mA.
  • Powers Loop or Transmitter— 
    Including HART Transmitters —Drives 1200 Ohm Loop Loads - selectable built-in 250 Ohm resistor for compatibility with HART transmitters and communicators.
  • User Settable QUIK-CHEKS—
    Store HI, SET, LO for instant recall.
  • AUTO-CHEK® Step—
    Automatically switches output in 2,3,5 or 10 steps from five seconds to 15 minutes.
  • AUTO-CHEK® Ramp—
    Automatic Ramp and Soak to smoothly stroke valves or simulate a process.
    Output checks valve and actuator openings and closings.

Easy-to-Use Automatic Functions.

  • Automatic Stepping & Ramping
    Be in two places at once by using the Model 434's AUTO-CHEK®. Connect behind the panel or replace a transmitter, then check the output in front of the panel or another remote location within the loop. Use the Automatic Ramp/Soak to simulate a running process and check valves for smooth operation. Independently select your ramp time, soak time and endpoints for total flexibility.
  • Easily Check Valves & Actuators
    Check valve and actuator operation with the built-in VALVE-CHEK® function. Choose intervals from 5 to 900 seconds to repeatedly step up & down to check valves at and around the fully closed position (3.8, 4.0 & 4.2 mA) and the fully open position (19.8, 20.0 & 20.2 mA). Or manually step through the points and turn the knob for fine adjustment.



Model 134 mA Source 2-Wire SimulatorModel 134—2 PocketCal mA Calibrator

A Compact Milliamp Calibrator. That Fits In your Pocket.

  • Basic Milliamp Functions —
    Source 0.00 to 24.00 mA or -25.0 to 125.0%, read mA or percent to 24.00 mA, simulate 2-wire transmitters, power and measure 2-wire transmitters.
  • Basic Accuracy— ±( 0.08% of 24 mA Span + 1 LSD)-Source to read within 0.03 mA.
  • Quik-Chek Outputs— HI and LO push-buttons for instant output of 20.00 or 4.00 mA. Speed sensitive digital potentiometer adjusts output from any QUIK-CHEK position for valve stroking.
  • Power Up Transmitters— Drives to 700 ohms loads.
  • Long Battery Life — Sources 12 mA for over 22 hours, 20 mA for over 16 hours. Turns itself off after 30 minutes.
  • Dependable Operation — Fuseless protection to 120 V AC/DC.

    Optional Carrying Case



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